Free note or drawing

I feel like making an offer:

You and I can use all the inspiration we can get. A request from you will inspire me, and the note or drawing (or both) that I create in response may serve to inspire you as well.

So for each self-addressed envelope that I receive from you containing sufficient return postage, I will mail you handwritten note, a small drawing, or both, depending on my mood and interests. We’re talking about probably U.S. letter-size paper, ballpoint or gel-ink pen, but I may choose another size and/or material — finding out what you get is part of the fun.

Since this can go sideways in at least a couple of directions, here are some guidelines:

This offer has not been run past a lawyer, so I’d better make sure it has reasonable limits: You might get nothing from me, especially if a long time has passed since I posted this and interest from my audience has been low. Or if I move, or get sick, or become too busy being famous, or whatever. Or if you send more envelopes than I care to fill, or if I just don’t feel like doing it anymore. What you send becomes mine and I don’t have to return it; I might even post it here.

Let’s see what happens!

Origin of the ‘Jumping Rock’ domain name

In 2005 I got some animation software. A standard exercise for beginning animators, people said, is to create a looping sequence of a ball bouncing in place. An alternative image came to me:

That is, what if the thing went up and came down, and then — thunk! — just sat there until it hurled itself upward again? And anyway what sort of thing would do that?

A rock. A jumping rock.

But a rock is purposeful; it exerts itself for a reason. So I added horizontal motion. This movie is an answer to the question, “If a rock wants to get from A to B, what will it do?”

untitled post



untitled post

As soon as I try to be a particular thing, I’m not that thing.

“What do you do?” Just as with some questions the answer isn’t “no” unless you ask, to this question the answer isn’t unknown unless I speak it.

It’s Sun-square-Neptune all over again, perfectly expressed.

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The English language is made of knives.

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drawing of daisy-like flower on pink background

Travel photos

A few of my favorite place pics from the last several years.

dark, straight tree trunks against snowy backdrop
Al Sabo Land Preserve southwest of Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Birdbath and Beyond sign outside of yard decoration shop
Outside a shop on U.S. Highway 2 near the southern shore of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
In a large sunlit hall with curving white walls, a silhouetted figure faces away toward blue sea and sky
The view eastward from Milwaukee Art Museum’s lobby. Tricky lighting conditions like these surely are why Apple put a “Reduce shadows” slider in the Preview app.
An old grain elevator, golden fields, and distant mountain
A view toward Canada from Amtrak’s Empire Builder, somewhere on the northern U.S. plains.
cottage and tall evergreens silhouetted against colorful sunset
Tamaracks Resort at Seeley Lake, Montana.

On a Winter’s Day

small frozen fish on pavement
A little frozen mystery, twilit and lamplit, outside our local Asian grocery store. I plant it here for luck.