Free note or drawing

I feel like making an offer:

You and I can use all the inspiration we can get. A request from you will inspire me, and the note or drawing (or both) that I create in response may serve to inspire you as well.

So for each self-addressed envelope that I receive from you containing sufficient return postage, I will mail you handwritten note, a small drawing, or both, depending on my mood and interests. We’re talking about probably U.S. letter-size paper, ballpoint or gel-ink pen, but I may choose another size and/or material — finding out what you get is part of the fun.

Since this can go sideways in at least a couple of directions, here are some guidelines:

This offer has not been run past a lawyer, so I’d better make sure it has reasonable limits: You might get nothing from me, especially if a long time has passed since I posted this and interest from my audience has been low. Or if I move, or get sick, or become too busy being famous, or whatever. Or if you send more envelopes than I care to fill, or if I just don’t feel like doing it anymore. What you send becomes mine and I don’t have to return it; I might even post it here.

Let’s see what happens!