About the site and its owner

headshot of Thomas Humiston

Jumping Rock is made by Thomas Humiston.

Apps he uses in connection with the site include BBEdit, 1Writer, Textastic, and Acorn, as well as Firefox and Apple’s Terminal, Preview, and Safari.

Tiger Tech is host of the site, which is served up by a modified version of Void (a tiny, free PHP script of fewer than 100 lines) with help from PHP Markdown Extra and PHP SmartyPants.

Krub (Thai: ครับ) and Ayuthaya (Thai: อยุธยา), designed to harmonize Latin and Thai characters, are Jumping Rock’s primary fonts.

Regarding your privacy: If Thomas adds a login capability and you log in then your browser will store a session cookie so you can stay logged in, and if you fill in a form on the site and submit it then Thomas will receive that information in an email. Beyond that, the site uses no cookies, trackers, or data-collection tools or techniques of any kind.