Ann’s Tarot page

Pick a tarot card.

About this page: Ann is developing a tool for providing readings. Over time she adds interpretations for more cards. She provides the following instructions for using this page:

The reading is for your work situation within the next three months.

  1. Close your eyes and ask (silently or aloud) to receive an answer that is correct.
  2. Look at the cards and choose one that feels right for you.
  3. Read the answer provided.

The links above will take you to a reading below. Over time the format of this page is likely to change. Enjoy!

The Fool

You have tried to find a job for so long and — congratulations — within three months you will get one. You won’t like this job very much because you will need to work with documents and isolate from colleagues, but I suggest you do it.

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The Magician

Your workplace situation has made you feel locked down, controlled, and not free to make any decisions. Everyone around you appreciates the work you have done but you still feel you want to find a new job. You do not have enough money saved to quit your job now but you’ll have good luck within three months and receive money from a successful project.

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The High Priestess

You hope to find your dream job easily, one that has high pay and requires no hard work. In the next three months you will continue searching and, while you may not find it, at least you’ll have enough spending money so that you can wait for your desired job.

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