2020, Light My Fire

Last night in the Eastern Hemisphere there was a solar eclipse. Though it was away from my view it is interesting to me because it aligned with Juno and the Midheaven in my birth chart. And the next New Moon will align with my birth chart’s ruling planet, Venus.1

After much delay and internal preparation, I think this is a good time for me to become more active and visible and seek to make my mark in the world.

  1. A few seasoned astrologers have said I appear to have Virgo rising, not Libra, in which case my chart’s ruler is Mercury rather than Venus — but the latter is still prominent. ↩︎

Origin of the ‘Jumping Rock’ domain name

In 2005 I got some animation software. A standard exercise for beginning animators, people said, is to create a looping sequence of a ball bouncing in place. An alternative image came to me:

That is, what if the thing went up and came down, and then — thunk! — just sat there until it hurled itself upward again? And anyway what sort of thing would do that?

A rock. A jumping rock.

But a rock is purposeful; it exerts itself for a reason. So I added horizontal motion. This movie is an answer to the question, “If a rock wants to get from A to B, what will it do?”

untitled post


untitled post

As soon as I try to be a particular thing, I’m not that thing.

“What do you do?” Just as with some questions the answer isn’t “no” unless you ask, to this question the answer isn’t unknown unless I speak it.

It’s Sun-square-Neptune all over again, perfectly expressed.

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The English language is made of knives.

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drawing of daisy-like flower on pink background

Travel photos

A few of my favorite place pics from the last several years.

On a Winter’s Day

small frozen fish on pavement

A little frozen mystery, twilit and lamplit, outside our local Asian grocery store. I plant it here for luck.